Aku Anak Pintar

I am sure everyone have this happen. It is when you have a song or music that you can’t stop playing in your head and make you hum it again and again and again. And… it’s contagious! ;p

I have this song, titled, Aku Anak Pintar that I sing lately with my class, and that song stick in my head all this week… aargh!

As I said it’s contagious and it irritates my colleague as well as she is then start singing the same song hahahahahaha….!

Aku anak pintar, bangun pagi-pagi

Tempat tidur rapi, kamar selalu bersih

Aku anak mandiri, bisa mandi sendiri

Tak lupa sikat gigi, gigi putih bersih

Sayang mama, aku tidak cengeng

Sayang papa, aku tidak manja

Sayang adik bermain gembira

Sayang kakak belajar bersama…!

ENjooy..and sing along.. 😉


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