I Fell in Love

It feels like there’s no things can stop me to embrace.

My first encounter was introduced by my cousin, EKO or I usually call him KOKO (@ekoadiprabowo), years ago. As like others who’s in love, why not back then earlier 😉 My cousin, who loves traveling asked me to join his trip to thousand island for snorkeling. He convinced me that it will be a great experience. Yes that was love at the first sight to the underwater world! I thank him for introducing me with the beautiful world down there.

The sensation when you see amazing colors under you and can only hear your breathing was like…entering your very own world!

My LOVE at the first sight!!

Ever since, my bucket list is mostly about underwater world but of course the ones that I can afford. 😛 then I start loving the rest of the mother nature.

Now embracing the nature becomes my need and I’m lucky that I live in a country which has the most beautiful nature -Yes! It’s me claim that 😛 I never stop open my mouth of astonishment whenever I see its beauty -alive or on TV

Is that make me an adventurous person then? Some friends call me by that title. Naaah..that is too fancy! 😉 However, the trips had changed me. I care more to my health than I did before so that I can have my fittest shape whenever I’m in a trip. I know more about the wealth of my country apart from the corruption..and corruption! And knowing it, has made me so proud to be grew up here in INDONESIA! I learn the simplicity of life from the locals, the sincerity, the smiles and many more… Bad things also came across in the way but somehow now I can see them from the bright side! I become more..

POSITIVE upon unfortunate circumstances 😉

One time when I said I’m proud to be an Indonesian because I’m in love with its beauty, a friend replied me that it’s not time yet for Indonesia to be proud of as a country. He saw it from different perspective. He compared it with other countries. He said it is a misplaced of patriotism. I smiled… He just didn’t listen. I said, I’m in love. In that way….I’m eligible to not consider its bad things. Anyway, I think it’s just different way of seeing. I see it with my heart 😉

That is the love of my life… apart from the almighty GOD, the creator!

20120812-072319 PM.jpg


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