SEMPU ISLAND – One Fine Day!!

Having no adventure plan for a 3-week holiday was annoying! All fancy plans one by one were cancelled due to…mystery!! Haahahaha.. 😀 (I blamed Jo for that!)

The idea was then spitted out when Jo and I desperately wanted to go somewhere nearby Surabaya and that only takes 1-2 days as I would have to go back to Jakarta on Monday.

So we all agreed – Jo, Didik, Vine, TJ and I –to go to South Malang, Sempu Island.

I was sooo excited that I finally had a plan; it didn’t matter if it was only for 2 days. The fact that I didn’t have any preparation in term of outfits, sleeping bag, etc. and that it is rainy season, which means the track, would be tricky – so they say – did not stop us. Jo sent me the picture of Sempu Lagoon. It was sooo beautiful. It was really inspiriting 😉

Off to Malang!

After digging up my closet to find suitable outfits, I packed and met Jo and Vine in Bungur Asih bus station. We met at half past 5pm –Jo still had to work on that day- as we agreed to meet at 5pm. YUP! It’s me again who waited…. Jo hobby nelen karet!

We hopped in the bus around 6pm. It took us about 2 hours to reach Malang. The traffic was ok not as bad as we thought. We were lucky that we had Ike to have us sleep over in her house before very early in the morning the following day we headed to Sempu Island.

Malang was nice at night. The weather is waay nicer then Surabaya. It’s colder. We visited TJ’s place to arrange how and where do we meet tomorrow morning, as Didik also lives in the part of Malang. We agreed to meet in Malang bus station, Arjosari, with Didik who would go from Pandaan, and met TJ in Gadang, the first stop before we took another public trans to Sempu.

The next day….
We took an angkot – small car public trans- to Arjosari bus station at 6.30am to meet Didik. Around 7.30am we met TJ in Gadang, an angkot terminal in Malang.

Before we continued to take a small bus to take us to Turen, our next destination, we bought supplies to survive in the island.

FYI, the island is not inhabited and no electricity. We would be on our own. Well…with other campers of course 😛

So we bought some breads and enough water for all of us. And….the good thing travelling with men is…they can bring heavy things for us hehehehe…

It took about 1 hour from Gadang to Turen. Turen is a traditional market and an angkot stop. Next from Turen, we took another small angkot. BUT!!! The different story for this angkot was…it was fitted for 20 people!!!!! OW YEaah!!! We all played sardines for about 2 hours, that felt like foreva!!! HAhahahaha! 😀 Why not rent a car??? -don’t ask!- We ARE backpackers!! (We really need to prove that! Hahahaha! Sabaar..sabaar..)

You know what????! Still…For Jo..There’s nothing uncomfortable for sleeping. He will always…I mean ALWAYS sleeping whenever we are on the transports. Stuffed angkot, bumpy road, wavy current in the sea… you name it…! Doesn’t matter for him! Hahahaha! He was just an easy target to be captured for ugly sleeping pose! Hahahaah!!

Allrighty…! back to the stoooory…!

In angkot we met another group who would go to Sempu as well. So to get cheaper price for the boat to take us to the island, we went together as 1 group.

We rent a tent at the gate entrance. Yess! At first TJ was not sure whether we would stay over night at the island or went back forth in a day, but then since the other group was going to stay over night at the island, he agreed to stay as well.

And yes…we need all to agree, as we are 1 group 😉

So we prepared to stay over night. Yaaaye!!!

Now the route: We had to pay in Sendang Biru, the entrance to cross to the island, and had to report to the conservation office telling that we would cross over the island.

The officer would tell what the do and don’ts rule at the conservation island.

Do praying before start trekking

Don’t littering

Don’t scream or swearing in the wood

Mainly is respect the environment……

It only took 15 mins to cross. There’s a group of people who waited for a boat to take them back to Sendang Biru as we reached Sempu Island. To cross back, we just needed to remember the boat’s number for the next day. We could take any boat arrived.

Prayiiiiing….led by Jo by accident :p

And…the trekking started! The track was quite muddy but not as bad as Ike thought. She was exaggerating!! 😛 But it was good that she was wrong and that we were prepared for the worst. Even though she said that Vine and I would probably crawling and got mud all over our bodies, we didn’t withdrew! Hehehehe… Ganbatte!!

The wood was not as thick as I thought but yes the muddy area was quite tricky as we didn’t wear proper shoes. As the result we walked barefoot. Ow Yeaah! Slippery? Yes! Fell down? No doubt! Everyone except Jo! Yea..yea..yea..

Muddy-Masked Feet..! Eeewwee :P

Muddy-Masked Feet..! Eeewwee 😛

Drum rooooolll….!! We heard the wave splashed!!

The giggles!! We were there!!

Uh-uh! Nope! Apparently…it was the echo! We still need to walk about 45mins before we finally reached the LAGOON!

We all smiled! Found a spot to stand a tent. Eeerrrr…who’s going to? The three men were tried to stand the tent.. Unpacked…argued.. Buuut still NOTHING! Haahahaaha! Luckily, two men next to us gave us their hands. Voila..!!
(Yang Muda yang berbakat, yang tua yang tak berguna hahaha).

After resting and eating, we enjoyed the BIG outdoor pool so called Lagoon!! It was nice swimming in the sea with no waves, bright but not too hot. We were so lucky! Alhamdulillaah…
Followed by admiring the high cliffs that gave another amazing view to be at the top of the sea!
However.. My favorite moment was as the moon emerged, half moon behind the clouds. It shimmered the island…accompanied by hundreds stars that showed among the cloudy night.. But still.. Belle! Guapa! Beautiful..!
My prayer was: God, don’t let it rain tonight.. Please not tonight…
Aaaah God is Great! 🙂
We were all lying down astonished by the beauty of the night in an open sky..
Tell me bout it..! You gotta be kidding! Who else…the sound came from the only Jo! Sleeper! Hahaha
All night long we could hear live music from other campers. People played games, made sand structure or just enjoying the night with little chat like us.
As the wind getting harder, vine and I move in the tent. Then, followed by Didik…then around 2am followed by TJ and Jo because it started to rain.
Again, being sardines in the tent 😛

In the morning, I saw the campers were multiplied!!! And I really need to do personal business 😦 it’s hilly and the island is small. I need to climb all the way up until I was sure no one can see me do my private business! Hehehe.. Phiuh..!

At 7.30 we ready to went back to Sendang Biru. It took us 1.5 hour to get back. We passed lots of people headed there. It’s gonna be very crowded there.

Soo we made it..! I can’t be that fun if not with the Murehum clan!!
Can’t wait for the next trip with them!!

20121230-123136 AM.jpg


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