Pocket Camera Vs SLR

I took some pictures using my pocket camera canon 220HS to see how much different for the result of ‘depth of field’ compare to SLR camera.

If there are not much differences….maaan I need to have more sensitivity!😛

It’s a life boost that you have a new passion on something aka a hobby -dunno how long it will last hehehehehe..- Thanks to those who give some advice and tips regarding to photography, but HEy! I still want to be the object allright!!😛

Digital Pocket Camera

Where's the focus?? :@ hahaha..

Where’s the focus?? :@ hahaha..

Got distracted by the focus! :P

Got distracted by the focus!😛

sharp focus, don't you think?

sharp focus, don’t you think?

taking moving object

taking moving object

Digital SLR

Need to work on my composition... :P

Need to work on my composition…😛


Like the sharpness..

Like the sharpness..

Rara and Emak




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