The GREAT -weekend- ESCAPE

The pin of the day

Being sick is really annoying…but hey! It’s actually a message from our body that it needs our attention to have some rest. Nothing else!
But REST is not always lying on the bed… 😉Eventhough it sometimes is what we need. so as bed thingy had done enough, it’s time to give the brain a rest and followed by heart and soul…😉

Guacamole time with friends

Having friends with some laughs, eating new interestinf mexican food and watch photo sharing from all over the place my friends been visited was a great escape to start my weekend.

Family gathering for birthday lunch

With some more yummy food

Having my brother in law’s birthday lunch gathering the following day..!

Ready to rumble!

Going to family gathering at school!!

The monkeeey!

Two monkeys!!!


GREAT escape for today! To be continued tomorrow….

Street shot

Snap shot!

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