Tracking The History and Culture

As an Indonesian, how many times have you been to Jogjakarta? 1, 2, 3, 4…the count still going on I presume? And how much do you know about the story behind its legacy?

Having a friend who came to know about the culture where I am from and the fact that I have limited knowledge about it, was quite ashamed. 😦 Especially as a Javanese -yes, I am- people might grant me that I would know at least a lot -if not most of- about Javanese culture or in this case Borobudur Temple, one of the world wonders!

However, in other hand, I felt lucky that my visit this time had given me a lot of new experiences, as if it was my first time visiting Jogjakarta. It was a blind who led the blind trip. Hahahaha 😛 After all….Had the trip all succeed, meaning we made what we came for, was very content!

And…Positive mind is contagious! I had a great trip-mate who made things pretty easy when it didn’t turn up as it planned, except of looking for places to eat (poke Angel!). Haahahaha..

bu bu bu but the book said….–> was the gimmick he made about his guidance book from his health minister department every time we about to eat or drink. 😛 He has sort of a guidance book telling the DOs and DON’Ts when visiting Indonesia.

…Back to the trip…

Prambanan Temple

About our victory to conquer the days: We made ourselves to go to Prambanan Temple using public transport. (I know…I know… What’s the big deal?!!) Well.. It was my first time using Trans City (Trans Jogja) 😛 I never had it in Jakarta.

In the stuffy Trans City ;)

In the stuffy Trans City 😉

We made it to Prambanan Temple

YAY!! We made it to Prambanan Temple!

There are 2 prices of the entry costs: IDR 30.000 for local and IDR 171.000 for foreigner. Yaa quite gap! We had 2 students of tourism in training or something who guide us to the temples. I didn’t quite understand what the philosophy or the story of each temple…I left it to my friend, Angel to listen to them 😛

Moi? I tried to take pictures..hehehe.

Good ones?!! Not exactly!! Hhahahaha.. Am so far away of being a photographer! (Damn!)

One of Prambanan Temples

One of Prambanan Temples

Prambanan -Rie Prambanan -Rie DSC_0016

The Goddess, Devi Durga

The Goddess, Devi Durga

Candi Sewu -Rie

Restoration of Sewu Temple. Not far from Prambanan area.

Restoration of Sewu Temple. Not far from Prambanan area.

Borobudur Temple

The next day, we were lucky that we could borrow my cousin’s car to go to Borobudur Temple. It takes about 1,5 hour….NORMALLY… 😛 from where we stayed. And again…for being a risk-taker 😉 we went on our own finding the way to get there. As my mobile signal couldn’t be relied on to go for GPS, we had the traditional way finding the way to Borobudur, Asking the locals 😉

There’s a saying in Indonesian: “Malu bertanya, sesat di jalan” means ‘Shy or hesitate to ask, you’ll be lost’ 😛

With only the words: ‘permisi’ (excuse me) and ‘terima kasih’ (thank you), Angel had made himself as a good navigator asking the directions. Hahahaha… weeelll…with a lil help from me. 😛

The luck was still in our side… We got a very…I mean VERY GOOD guide who told us about Borobudur inside out, literally, philosophically, and historically in somehow 3 languages: Indonesian, Spanish and English, here and there. Stunnning!!

Ow ow ow! bu bu bu butttt… the entry fees not gave us any luck as predicted…it goes in 2 prices: IDR 30.000 for locals and IDR 190.000 for foreigners. Hahahahaa… Got free mineral water (or coffe/tea), air con-ed room, and sarong to skirted on us.

Relief in Borobudur

Relief in Borobudur

The Relief tells story

The Relief tells story




DSC_0127 DSC_0115


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