Coincidence… Is that For Real?

You reckon?

This coincidence thingy is back to my issue again as too many coincidence that I think it just meant to be there. Do you think there is such a coincidence in life? or….It might be just us who like surprises 😉 and want to name it as ‘coincidence’..

I seee… It is just because there’s a name for it! Actually… it is a moment, a situation or whatever you may call it when you don’t plan it but matches with your situation at the moment. Make sense? Nah? -I don’t care

BUT…I do like coincidences. It’s a little tiny miracle that spark your days….sprinkles here and there in your life. Coincidence…. happens when you less expect it!

I just had my lovely coincidence…! In my boredom day today…ready to blow my head away! Suddenly my long-time-no-see friend popped up in my chatting box… Quite relaxing conversation has again sparked my day! (Thaaaanks John..!)

Keep smiliiiing -hmm I wish



I had visited Prambanan temple -as you can read in my previous post- not long time ago. Somehow, my 3rd graders chose to make a production about Prambanan temple. And why I’m writing this…coz just now I watched a tv program that shows about prambanan.

Have you ever aware of this. When you are about to decide something that you’re not sure to make up your mind, everything around you some kind of ‘telling’ you the ‘answers’!


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