Direction Of My Traveling

So, Where???!

Skyscanner, tripadvisor, agoda should come along as well as individual airlines -specially cheap ones- 😛

This was my chit chat round the bush conversation with friends now and then. Hey! We are teachers, we need to get out of routine and similar faces to stay in our sanity… Well, but of course you have to tell me first what is considered so called ‘normal’. And actually being with ‘insane’ if not ‘crazy’ people around WILL bring back your sanity! HAhahaaha… So That is IT!


There! I said my direction for my travel. It is not about where to go as the consideration upmost. OK…that tooo.. But being with who and what you wanna do -For ME play an important part. 

As you travel…It’s not merely your physical that should feel the joy but also your mind. I am not only talking about the comfort zone but also challenge. What do you fear of? Go for it!!! But know your limit… You don’t want to end up drop dead, eh??! 😛

I was saying…Take the challenge of what you hesitate to do and feel the content and satisfaction of doing something NEW! So there’s no regret of not doing it…rather knowing that that was a bad idea and won’t do that shit again if it was so! 😀

What??! Do I sound like I’m about to die tomorrow?! Exactly! Think that way, so you got the courage! 

Rintihan tulang yang menjelang rontok..who wants to do lots of things! Hahahaha!! 

On the way you will gain bonus by having lots of friends and if you are lucky….some best friends!! 😉




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