“I Don’t Understand…!”

” I don’t understand why they can’t just use the track for the bike. Are they crazy or what? They want to get themselves crashed by the car?” An expression from some tourists next to me when they found some people riding bikes on the way against our sort-of-train cart.

“What??! They actually eat grubs?!! I don’t understand…it’s disgusting!” An expression I heard from some tourists in Vietnam.

I Don’t Understand…. I dOn’t unDerstaNd…

But in other words it sounds more: Are you stupid or what? Why you guys do that?

Not understand what you see on the spot when you interact with a new culture might be the first respond you give… but there’s a saying:

Don’t judge people unless you through their story.

Live with them then you might…-I said you might- know why.. BUt maybe still not understand WHY.

The thing is each has their own background that connect to the way everyone be themselves. Some parts of the circumstances are there because they have no choices -family, races, etc.
FOR Me… I Don’t Understand…Why people hate each other just because they are different in seeing life.
But then…true.. I don’t know their story….

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