Pelajaran dalam Hidup – Lessons of Life

B. E. L. A. J. A. R

The fact that I have to take an IELTS or TOEFL IBT to fulfill a requirement I plan to proceed, gets my intention on how on earth I’m going to practice my grammar and all those stuffs.
So I started with borrowing a prep test book. Yes! It’s thick! 😜
As I opened the first pages, I already know all the stuffs it discusses -sombooong… – belaguuu..!! Hahahhah
Ok, that’s not the point.
I confused how should I start learning without feeling wasted my time reading all over the things I have already known.
Then, I changed my strategy by doing the test first and finding the explanation when I stuck to a problem.
It came easier and made more sense to me.

No matter what you want to learn or try to solve a problem, I guess it makes more sense  to you when you face the problem yourself; even though learning from other people also counts 😜  but having it yourself really is more meaningful… Regardless bad or good experiences they are.

Hehehehe kan.. Dari belajar English jadi kemana2. Dan momen percakapan dengan diri sendiri ini sering datang disaat yang kurang tepat, misalnya lagi duduk manis di kloset -tapi kalo mules gak sempet mikir sih, ato lagi mengguyur kepala buat keramas.

Anyway… I have to go back to my study.
..yeah plead guilty of being easily distracted


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