Sex Education; When it’s more than just MALE and FEMALE

We all know that of course… But I thought that was most likely what the students would curious about in their age of grade 1-5.
Apparently NOT! we watched an Indonesian folk tale in which the story told about a goddess who got pregnant after drank a prince left over water. Just like that! And she delivered a baby.
Two boys whispered discussing something. So I stopped and asked whether they wanted to ask questions.
“I hope it’s ok if I asked this…” One of them said in doubt.
“Go ahead.. I’ll try to answer.”
“Where does a baby come from? That one in the story, how come a woman drinks and then there’s a baby. A baby is there when man and woman married, right?”
Before I said anything, other boy responded, “It’s a folk tale. It said it’s magic!”
The only two girls in my class didn’t seem interesting with the topic. The boy in puzzle seemed hesitate to ask some more explanation.
“Is that answering your question?”
“I meant I know what happened in the story but in the real life… How come a baby is there?”
I got this kind of question from my 5-year-old niece when she wondered about the differences between a girl and a woman, a pregnant woman and how come the baby can be inside the womb. I kinda know her level of language and serve her inquiries. Whereas this one is 4 grader.
Upper grader is my new challenge to get to know in term of emotional/psychological and social development.
Am so not ready for this but there’s no choice.
So I answered “A baby comes from a private process between a man n a woman.”
“A private process? What is it?”
He smiled.. Like waiting for the name for the thing he probably already know.
“It’s called intercourse.”
“Intercourse?!” It didn’t sound like he thought he will hear probably…
“Yes, intercourse.”
The two boys nodded repeatedly.
“Ok? Can we continue? For further questions you can clarify with your parents.”
“C’mon Ibu Ririe! Let’s watch again!” The girls still didn’t give any attention to the issue.
So they continued watching while my mind wondered -I hope I said it properly- and every here and then stopping the video to check their understanding of the Indonesian.

Today… I felt so not ready for sex education for the age level I encountered today. I suppose no matter what subject you are teaching, you have to be ready for sex education; when it comes, it comes.😜

The thing is…. I FEEL SO WRONG DOING THE RIGHT THING -one republic 😜😜

-The lesson I’ve learned 😊


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