In Memorial to My Dearest Grandma

My grandma from my mother side.. She passed away last week on Friday, 19th Sept 2014. I got the news on Saturday when I woke early in the morning getting ready for my class. Shocked but was anticipated that her time would come. She’d been sick for very long time as she got old. I didn’t have time to mourn as time wouldn’t stop for me for  just letting me contemplate and ‘seeing’ my granny in my ‘head’ before it becomes blur and gone. Until late at night when time allowed me to slow down and took me back years and years back then. Mbah Uti was a kind-hearted yet strong woman. So much to tell from the short time I had with her in my childhood. We moved far away from the town she lived that made it hard to visit. When I missed her I would find a radio channel that aired in Javanese. That would bring me back the memory being at my grandparents’ house. I felt like I can smell the air in the village, her voice talking to neighbor. Most of the time, I would left behind and stay longer in my grandparents’ house while my family went back home. I never got enough to be around my grandma. Until then we’re all grew up and had our own, so called, life. I am busy making my own life colors that my visits become once a year or even once in 2-3 years. However, she always waited with patience every time we told her we would visit her. She would then give her smile, hugs and kisses and started with reminding me how I always didn’t want my grandma to go back to her house every time she visited us when we were kids. Yes! that was like thousand years ago but it so sweet that she remembered me that way. -sobbing She would be ready with her special dish to welcome us, duck dishes, her specialty! I LOVE it…aaah I miss it.. I remember she would sit in her verandah waited for us and would spread her hands widely with sparkly eyes and big and sweet smile when we came… back then. She would talk to me using Javanese kromo inggil  just so I could speak the language. I tried to reply her as I could even though then she laughed and waved her hand to the air telling me that I said it wrong. She would give me a hug and taught me as far as I could go, but most of the time I would give up and whining asked her to speak in Indonesian instead. It is now becoming my goal that I will take seriously to learn kromo inggil that makes part of her stays with me. Rest in Peace Mbah Uti… Matur sembah nuwun sampun maringi the best of your life for us…

Mbah Uti with her smile :x

Mbah Uti with her smile, lots of love…


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