Animal Abused – What Can WE do??!

Those issues of animal trafficking and poaching, I’m sure it’s not new to anyone who read this, me neither. I know it’s wrong…and that people are doing it because of economic reasons and greediness of course. But I never researched for information about it until a month ago when I was mentoring some 5 graders for their exhibition purposes.

It was a learning journey for myself too, finding out about what PEOPLE/HUMANs have done to the animals they trafficked. And during the Exhibition Day, apart from the thrilled feeling and proud of my students how much they articulated their learnings, I also felt so sad finding more facts about how PEOPLE abuse the animals…and I still do feel sad about it as today a relative shared her son’s new pet, which in my opinion would have been better for it to be let in its own habitat in the wild.  

Theen… it came to my intention to share some facts, which again I am SURE most all of us have already known, but let just have a look as a reminder before we decide to act toward animals…

 Humans: "'s soo cute!" image taken from

And to be able to give such a show…the monkey had to get through this 

Also check out this page for other protected primate, named slow loris. It’s so cute yet they re now endangered for it’s being poached for its venom or simply having it as a pet.

And many other animals had suffered from HUMANs greediness, namely parrots, kakatua, etc….to be trafficked or poached. Man has power, YES! Power to destroy and power to stop!

Having known the supply and demand theory, there won’t be supplies when there’s no demand, we all can STOP this by simply NOT buying animals that are not domestic animals as a pet and NOT watching monkey show -if there are still any on the street. 

Let’s share the PLANET in harmony…



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