Menjemput Traffic di Puncak

Dan akhirnya rencana kami untuk berakhir pekan bersama terlaksana!! Being a risk-taker by deciding to drive to a well-known traffic road to Puncak Bogor was the thing I couldn’t even believe I did. Hahahahah I knoooow..!! But the thing is…It’s just a matter of the state of mind -so they say- and it’s true! I do believe that. I just prepared by telling myself that I would face a very bad traffic and that’s OK.

It was my longest standstill driving EVER!!! But, surprise…surprise… We just laughed and laughed…and sang. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even swear for once!! Hahahaha Yep! It’s a BIG achievement that I didn’t swear and got angry in a bad traffic :p

My prime goal to go to Puncak was to do paragliding and let my friends also experience the excitement. And we made it!! They liked it!!

Paragliding - Puncak, Bogor

Paragliding – Puncak, Bogor

We didn’t do much, really…

We did paragliding for about only 15 mins max in the air. It was great to have it with different companions as it turned up having different story and silly things going on. The three of us was kinda a good fit together! Agnes with her loud and super energy by all means, myself with my emotional management, and Reza with his alert and calmness had brought our mixture personality become sort of balanced.

Agnes would not have herself stop talking about…well…EVERYTHING! She would come up with anything at all we passed or….ANYTHING, really! Man! What’s in her head???! Hahahaha

Reza would just smiled and responded with short replies but sometimes could really shut Agnes up! Hahahaha!!! 😀 And of course… She would find herself back with something…else.

It was a short trip and quite exhausted one, but was worth it to make an escape from the week!!

Dan menyebabkan opini yang menghembuskan gossip kembali..hahahhaha!!


Cisarua-Bogor, 13th June 2015


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