‘Til Death Do Us Apart

….sounds like a wed vow… but not this one..

Recently… seems like life gave me a recall of the END of it. My former teacher in HS had passed away suffering from cancer. I read a book of which in it contained of something that worth to think about: What do you want to be remembered when you’re gone, dead, vanished, done with your business in this world. *sigh…

You see, when you happened to be in fortunate and you witnessed people in your opposite state and then you heard other would say… Thank God, we are okay. I know what they meant was to be grateful of what they’ve got, but to me it sounds mean to be grateful of being fortunate at the moment of seeing unfortunate things right before your eyes. Dunno…deep..deep down inside I don’t feel like such a comment is ethically said it out loud over such condition.

Anyway…I was saying… every second of our lives had passed… For what??!

As today, visiting a house for children suffering for cancer even for just 4 hours with them, seeing their conditions, talking….playing…sharing… A conscious hit me! I know…it sounds cliché, but I guess if you were at my place you would’ve being in what so called a cliché moment.

A conscious, not of being grateful of being as healthy I am now, but rather  how dare I complained of things I faced while it had nothing to do with death, with time that will be stopping you for not being able to continue what you wish for your life! How dare I complained!! I felt ashamed…

I talked to a child, a 14-year-old girl, who suffers for leukaemia for 8 years and been in the care house more than half of her lifetime. She full of smiles when I asked “do you go to school?” She said it lightly that she had some teachers there and studied together with other children. She said she also did exam like others in normal school, only her time wasn’t limited as others did because she had to go back and forth for treatment in the hospital. All I could do was just hugged her tight and asked her to hang in there…. God loves an angel like you. 

‘Til Death Do Us Apart…. until then..which we don’t know when…as

The Mystery of WHEN..

So you’ve passed many sunsets with ease

as Time had let you..

You scolded things you don’t like ‘coz you think you have tomorrow to act differently

You chose to ignore apologies

to hold apologises ‘coz you think you would wait until later

as Time allowed you..


Time has its mystery of WHEN…

to STOP you 

to SHUT you

to CLOSE your chapter

to END you

why..? simply just because!

No cancer to warn you

No heart attack to alert you


….So when the Time really fetch you…and do us apart.. How do you want to be remembered? How do I want to be remembered?

#DemiMasa #Al-Asr


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