Living in A Golden Cage

It sounds cynical to give analog of where I live now.

As for my previous blog about the compound, after more than six months experience, shifting of perspective indeed occurs. I am grateful for what I have but pluses and minuses also exist.

Indeed, Living in A Golden Cage, I would prefer to say for stating of living in KAUST. We have the facilities what you would dream of living in comfort. We have sports and recreation centers, namely from simply several swimming pools in two recreation centers, fully equipped fitness center, bowling lanes with as cheap as 9 SAR (31.500 IDR) for 1 game, golf course, etc. Marine recreation, from a private beach with inflatable mattresses to slide and climb at the beach, snorkeling with only 75SAR (262.500 IDR) in a lux services to scuba diving (I haven’t tried this one yet). Lots of restaurants are provided, the world famous cafe Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Burger King (I don’t like the menu version of this one here 😛 ), and other international restaurants. We have the privilege of having a cinema (not as fancy but worth to watch for movies) even though the movies will be approx 2 weeks back up-dated from the outside ‘world’ 😛 but I did watched several times. Concerts from inside community who are talented with beautiful music performances from any languages I had never heard the countries before 😛 to concerts or performances that actually invited by the Uni to entertain us. There was Wayang Kulit performance, which was invited from Yogyakarta… What else would you ask for such a facilities?

Not to mention the security wise, the security officers are everywhere on the road and campus area. Speeds are limited to 40 km/h, pedestrians and bikers are prioritized to pass the road, and cctv is in all public area and traffic lights -so don’t you dare to violate ðŸ˜› We are spoiled!

Regardless of those facts, stepping out the compound will be leaving all the privileges as there comes boundary of Saudi’s culture and a long commute. So people prefer to step out the country when there are possibilities. Saudi doesn’t have as many local holidays for historical or religious events as there are back home in Indonesia. Therefore, school breaks are time for us to fly away from the cage inhaling outside air. Lunches, Dinners, or any other having meals or tea/coffee together with friends are mini escapes from the workloads.

As for me, Jordan will be where I am heading for the next Spring break… 🙂 and look forward to more of other adventuring places in the gulf countries and around. What else I can ask for more? I am blessed… BUT I miss you… Iyaaa kamuuu… -Hahahahaha ketularan Dodit ðŸ˜›


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