Creating A Path of Your Happiness

This is my first time writing a post with straight away came up with a title. 🙂

I came home today with a very low energy and feel that negativity thoughts are surrounded me after a very long day, and that really worn me out. Problems are stacked up, tasks are piled up, many big rocks so Covey said. I know that to put first thing first won’t be choosing writing a blog as my right choice but the balancing of my well-being needing me to do so.

As my payback for bouncing a negative energy telling those lines above, I will share some positive awareness about our being. -Gosh! I sound like a Yogi 😛  but Yes…I do love listening to Yogis or such talk.

Nothing in this world as coincidence… and as that is believed, you can pull all mosaics in your life and try to connect and take the lessons.

Alright… enough with the random thoughts… 😛

The ‘coincidence’ was I bumped into my earlier post that was liked by a reader and brought me back to it . It’s not really giving me the answer for my problems but she, Lizzy, somehow struck me to the point, reminding me again: I will again quote Covey for this… “You create your own weather”.  Yaa..yaa.. you know the term but what is that exactly feel like? How do you know that you really in control for your own ‘weather’? IGNORANCE? So I found this video connecting to the next ‘coincidence’.

Happiness is in your mind… Yeah we heard a lot about it… state of mind.. Reflecting on her talk, I think what I did was more of ignorance.. Her analog for ‘mind’ as like a balloon in the air that will be easily blown here and there, and that the air is the situation, circumstances surround us. Opinions people say about us, how do we look, how do we talk, how do work, how do we act as we are, what do we eat, what do we bla and bla and bla.. will blow our mind away. When we say I don’t care what they say, but even a tiny glint of negativity remain in our mind will crave away our happiness. I love the way Abria Joseph gave the insight of how removing the negativity in our mind. Watch this!

Also if you want to continue on to finding out about this, you might find this video interesting, too. A Yogi talked about consciousness.

I find myself the benefits of meditating and echoing my positive affirmations, things I didn’t practice lately 😦 There is a saying: “When You Want Something, All the Universe will Conspire in Helping You to Achieve It.” Well…It’s not just a saying.

Have a GOOD Day..!! 🙂 coz I am and I will..!


Who You Are Now is Who People Surrounded You

It’s not that people don’t know this idea already it just always become an interesting topic to bring up. Whether you realise or not, it’s our environment that shapes whoever we are right now, the good and the bad times. 

You should not only thank to people who love you but also people who put you in your down fall, because they had made you a stronger person you are now. 

And this video really brings up my conscious back on this idea. I’m sure you will agree… 🙂