Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

So what the memory of childhood that remains in my mind is that I had to adapt every now and then to new environment. It was pretty cool to move as I could left behind things I didn’t like at that time as a kid… yet it was also tiring. As a new kid on the block, it was hard as I had to try to fit in, not to mention to get to know to a new culture every time we moved, which meant understood the local perspectives. Took it positively, I was then become chameleon, in a good way I presume… 😉 as I somehow as a child easily learn the languages. I still have the accents now which I found it interesting and glad that I have them.

I felt more Indonesian than to be a certain ethnic as I feel I am part of all ethnics I have ever lived in. However, in other hand I didn’t feel belong to any ethnic if people asked me what was my original ethnic. That was one question I hate the most when I was a child. When I answered I am Javanese, they would use to say: ‘but you don’t talk the language’. Since I was a kid I don’t like when people start asking about where are you from, like it was really important to state your existence for the next conversation. It was funny the way people look at you was depend on where you are from. If you are from big or small city they will look at you differently.

It was then a good lesson for me not to judge people from where they are from. If you are good to me that really is more than enough reason to be respected as a being.

Having moved many times in my childhood was mentally painful but I gain the benefits of it. I respect differences in cultures, perspectives, way of life, etc. And… I don’t mind to be different as no single person can be the same whatsoever from one to another. It’s that simple.

My childhood…my journey of accepting differences.