Jazz Gunung 2012 in Mt. Bromo

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The links above were become my references as my friend asked me to come for the concert. Going to Mt. Bromo had already excited me but with jazz music as well? Which is not just a music! There would be Tompi and Glen Fredly!! Super!! There’s no second thought, I said yes immediately 😉

From the sites I found that this creative idea came from a man named Sigit Pramono. He has missions in holding an open stage jazz concert in a mountain summit; they are developing National Park tourism in Bromo, Tengger-Semeru, East Java and developing community appreciation to jazz music.
The concert is named Jazz Gunung since it is held in a mountain. Gunung is mountain in Indonesian. It’s been annually held since 2009 and has moved local economic as well as wide community appreciation to music, specifically jazz.

Are We There Yet?
We started from Surabaya very early in the morning at 06 am. As we predicted, we got in traffic quite awhile on the way to Pasuruan. Did we get bored in traffic?? NO no no! These guys I traveled with were hilarious!! This moment was my other blessed coincidence. We were 5 of us, 3 of them were new friends: Noni Ninot, Ledy and Santy. Jo became the black sheep to be bullied by everyone..hahaha!!!
We had breakfast for about an hour in Pasuruan and reached Bromo at around 10ish.
The ticket said that the concert started at 2pm so we hangout at small warong for hot drinks because Jo started to get goosebumps… Yes only him felt too cold! Hah! 😛
After another round of Jo’s being bullied… We moved around 12pm to look for a restaurant to have lunch. I have to warn you about the menu language there… Eventhough we are still in Indonesia, apparently we have different understanding upon Indonesian 😉
Almost all of our orders were different from what we expected, e.g. I ordered bandrek (it’s a traditional drink with ginger flavor. I thought would be nice in such a cold weather) but I got coffee milk! Jo and Ledy ordered for Mie rebus (it’s commonly served as noodle with soup) but they got boiled noodle (Mie rebus is also literally means boiled noodle!)
Since time showed that we needed to be hurry, we just had what we’ve got 😉
And….. Time to exchange our ticket to get a paper hand band!!
Here we gooo..!!


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The preparation..

We were so excited..! Took pictures?? Absolutely! We were probably too noisy that had made attention to a lady who apparently was in charge for the event’s documentation. She asked us to pose again in front of the poster for the event doc. Did we say YES? No doubt! Hah! 😀
She also asked us to give testimonies of what we expected by coming to Jazz Gunung. Because I was the only one who had never been to Bromo, I got the privilege to have a go…-BULLIED!
Howevaaa… I certainly look forward to seeing Glen Fredly and Tompi. They both had spectacular stage performances!!! Having both sharing stage??? Would be a great shooow!

20120710-111731 AM.jpg

Was that it??? N. O. P. E.
When we were just about to look for place to sit, the organizer men asked us to wait outside again because the area wasn’t ready yet! Whatttt???!
They said the show will started at 3pm and not 2pm.
We had no other choice but wait another hour outside queueing and took some more pictures (of Course!!)

20120713-015300 AM.jpg
The opening dance

20120713-015721 AM.jpg
Ring of fire orchestra by Jaduk, featuring Slamet Sentono

It’s getting dark that my pocket camera couldn’t take a good pictures of Iga Mawarni neither could for Glen and Tompi. Too bad because our seats were out of camera reach with limited light. 😦
As it was getting late the temperature was also dropped til 5 degrees! It was said that the first day -glad we didn’t come- was even -3degrees!!!
Thank God Noni brought a blanket -Ledy claimed it looked like a curtain! Hahaha- with her. She was our savior! 😉
At 7ish finally we got why we were there… Glen and Tompi..!!
They were beyond our expectation. The night’s joke was mostly about current politics issues but smartly delivered with gimmicks! Love it..! Love them!
Ow the hosts: Butet Kertaradjasa and Alit Marwoto (I forgot the other one who wasn’t funny) had made themselves awesome hosts! Funny and alive..!!

At the end… I really recommend the next Jazz Gunung in 2013! Who knows… We might come across 😉
Don’t forget to be prepared for very cold climate! Oww and alcohol is not allowed, in case you think of that solution 😉