Wakatobi Rendezvous 20-26 June 2012

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W. A. K. A. T. O. B. I
Was finally reached!! In this breathtaking rendezvous, I had given myself great experiences and friendship. Unlike other journals, you will not find about the trip details on hows and costs. For me the ‘how’ was ‘coincidence’ and the ‘costs’ was priceless.
In my every trip I have learnt things that I couldn’t understand it if I just read it from others’s stories in books or tv.
It was my first time ever having trip as a backpacker. I wasn’t sure myself that I could handle that title especially after I was sent the itinerary!
It involved boat…wooden ones! Crossing the ocean!!! I knew that would be the ‘door prize’! ๐Ÿ˜‰ but WAKATOBI would be the JACKPOT!! So I tried to bear with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰
The Priceless Experiences!
I most of the time-if not always- had all my accommodation trip set in advance because it’s crucial when you visit an unfamiliar place for the first time. Howevaaaa.. It wasn’t a bad idea after all if you travelled with a flock of cool people with crazy spirit!! Hahaha.. Just make sure you say it when you think you can’t go any further ;p

Sooo meet my Flock team
TJ, he was the team leader, who often disappeared to be the info seeker by mingled with the locals, but he’s waay of a serious principal image as who he is. You hardly closed your mouth as you couldn’t stop laughing around him, especially with a combination of Didik.

Didik or so called TJ’s husband…errr or wife??! Well they exchanged role often Hahahaha..! He’s the calmest but had made himself a great co-leader with his wife or husband ;p TJ. (Murhum note: it is confirmed that Didik is TJ’s wife..hahaha)

Dean the youngest amongst us but came along and easily mingled. One thing I might find it hard to do if I were an alien among flock of crazy people like these guys! Hah!

Erning or so called Dori.. Yeaa a name of a fish, friend of Nemo the clown fish! I dunno how she got the name but indeed she is as cheerful as Dori the fish ;D she’s also a good combination with the boys to explode us with laugh as she loved to be bullied!! Hahaha..!

Ikeu the sexiest among other ‘plain’ shapes ;p so she got the honor of having the title JuPe, the icon of sexy woman ๐Ÿ˜‰ well… She is!

Vine one person with whom you could talk like normal ๐Ÿ˜‰
She was the baby for everyone.. Coz she was the cutest! Don’t ya agree guys??!

Septy another person you could talk slightly normal ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s the first aid person, ready with her meds. She had grown her narcism in posing in front of cam, I think..;p (Murhum note: she has confirmed that she is!) :p

Lastly, Jo he was the key of my ‘coincidence’, the Sultan of Murhum that’s what he claimed. He was the master of bullying ;D with whom you could share ‘creative’ and poetic words of sarcasm and cursing!! Hahaha!

BUT…above of all… They are all have things in common: they are helpful, caring and most of all understanding ๐Ÿ˜‰
It’s the friendship that I cherish…

The Values and Tips

Defeat your FEAR
I hate going on a roller-coaster-like because I can’t take the tension from the adrenalin shock! But I hate the fact that I’m afraid.
I was scared when I tried paragliding. It wasn’t my first call to disobey my fright. So if I can manage the first why not now..? Anyway… This is about my call to dive. I wasn’t scared… I was TERRIFIED!!! The planned was almost everyone will do diving but as they saw the zone.. One…by…one withdrew! Even JO! But ended with he got the first call..! Hah!
And the second bait was me.. What the hell I thought, let just wore the suit ;p
And then followed by the rest of the stuffs…and then completed with all TIPS that Jo shared, which freaked me out more!! Thanks for that, Jo! However…as Ike who knows the most about diving told me that I could do it… I made the call: NOW or NEVER!
After several holds back hanging on the guide’s hand, with Bismillaaah I jumped over the water!! Yessss! I did! I disobeyed my fright! For 10 minutes ;p hahahahaha!!!

Safety never…never.. Go in the sea WITHOUT life jacket.. Coz you might lost your life.. I apologize to Didik for dragging him to my situation. SOS! He almost drowned when I held on him. I was so tired without life jacket so was him. But we were saved after all.;)

Stamina Stamina-mina รจ รจ waka wakatobi! Is the anthem of our trip..! Haha.. The thing is you need to prepare your stamina, no matter trip style you are on. I prepared myself by having a regular exercise of 2 hours workout everyday! Hahaha bo’ong ding ๐Ÿ˜› I had at least 30mins workout 4 times per week, a month prior the trip. As the result, I lost 3kgs, flat tummy and muscles which I just realize it from the photos taken. Cool! *gambar pake kacamata* (somboooooong…). I prepared my shoulders and legs strength as they’re the parts you need it the most to wander with your carrier!

Clothings Before you packed your stuff, make sure you know the itinerary. Therefore you can estimate how many clothing you need. If you see there’s a chance to wash with range time for drying…then you can count that as an extra clothes. I ended up with 4 clean extra T-shirts. While Dori the fish only carried 1 tiny backpack and… Survived!! Haha! She got a magic bag!

Forget-me-not items when you got changed are your undies!!! Septy was about to leave some artifacts of her presence with her undies ;p Hmmm… Not to mention that I was accused (maan…I wasn’t the only one who has small things!!) Sooo check your stuff before leaving. Undies are not a cool stuff to be left behind. ๐Ÿ˜›

Beauty ;p First thing you must have packed for trip dealing with sun is face sun screen! Otherwise, you will end up look like ‘gembel’ when you stand side by side with someone in ‘civilization’ at the end of the day..!

Lastly, I’ve got a sneak peek lesson about photography from duo Jo and Dean. However, I still prefer to be the object ๐Ÿ˜‰

For different version of the trip you can read from Jo or another one from Dean

Happy Reading..!

Tribute to Murhum Clan
Claimed 21 June 2012 in Murhum Pier

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Tomia Zone with Guts!

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Waha Pier… Waiting for the boat to take us to Tomia Island

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Mur-e-hum Clan!! See you in the next adventure story!